Commissioned by global agency WCRS and Top Gear director Kit Lynch-Robinson, Hammerhead and our partner Timeslice Films were briefed to produce an exciting three-part 360 recruitment film for the Royal Navy to give an exciting taster of daily life as a Royal Navy recruit.

The experience consists of three missions taking place in and around a Type 23 Frigate. We start by winching onto the ship deck from a helicopter, followed by a rescue mission aboard a rigid-hulled inflatable boat, and ending with us putting out a fire within the frigate.


Given that every Royal Navy vessel is nearly always active , we had to be ready to shoot at a moments notice and operate quickly and carefully as not to impede the Navy from doing their duty.

Authenticity was key, which meant using real recruits carrying out actual training missions. Although we use jump cuts, every experience was captured as a one-shot, moving through a highly dynamic environment with all personnel performing their genuine roles.

Another touch of realism was the use of the first person point of view, for which we conceived and built a hands-free, chest-mounted camera rig that allowed free movement, so the wearer could interact with the world and perform the tasks required to complete the drills.



We start this experience approaching a Type 23 Frigate aboard a Merlin helicopter. We switch between various perspectives from the pilot, the navigator, to the recruit being lowered to the deck of the ship. As the helicopter leaves, it encircles the ship to give us a glorious view of the frigate.


We are setting the tables in the mess hall, as a loud speaker informs us that a man has fallen overboard and for everyone to take their positions. We gear up and head to the RIB for a rescue mission. We are lowered to the sea and set off on our search for the missing personnel. The unconscious body is hoisted out of the water and brought back to the ship for revival.

Fire Drill

This experience starts with the recruit socialising with his crew mates, which is interrupted by a fire alarm accompanied by the loudspeakers describing the situation and giving out orders. We gear up and pass through security, before we are given a fire extinguishers and start putting out the fire deep within the Type 23 Frigate.