IBM Interactive Experience

Watson Hackathon

About the Project

We were invited to be part of an IBM Watson Hackathon: two days to bring Watson into a VR world, to explore the role of AI in VR, how it could be presented, and what an experience might look like for a consumer…someone pass the Red Bull.

200 energy drinks later…we settled on creating a inflight entertainment lobby experience, where you hang out with Watson, interact, and together craft your flight experience based on your personality and interests. An inflight entertainment lobby gave us a futuristic scenario where we could control the environment, and present a plausible future use case in which to see Watson in action.

This is what Chris Hay, digital channels architect, associate partner, had to say “We challenged Hammerhead to produce a next generation VR experience as part of a hackathon and they only went and did it, over a weekend. Truly amazing. The experience is funny, inspiring, and shows the art of the possible in such a small time… proves the culture of hackathons.”

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