Experience the impossible

A world first experiment of mixed realities

About the Project

Working with Imagination, we created and presented the world’s first free movement mixed reality presentation, featuring Major League Baseball.

Premiering at Cannes Lions Innovation Festival 2017, volunteers were taken on a virtual journey playing a game of catch. This was enabled by a new application of the Vive tracker technology made through creating a ‘tracker-ball’,  a tracker within a 3D printed casing.

Wearing the Vive, players threw the physical ball to one another and saw the virtual ball inside the virtual world. Each time they threw the ball it transitioned into a wonderful or surprising new object and experience. Despite the physical ball remaining constant, we demonstrated the effects the virtual world has on the real, when users hesitated catching materials such as the fire ball.

None of this awesomeness would have been possible without the team at HTC Vive, and hardware provider Dell.

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